We want everyone to come see our shows and are putting in the work to try and break down the barriers.

We know there is always more work to be done and we won’t always get it right so send us some feedback by emailing or if you prefer to have a chat call us on 020 7478 0100.


Booking Access Tickets

Access tickets can now be booked online meaning access prices and seating are available to you at the click of a button. Just be sure to register for an access account below.

Other Ways To Book

Call our box office on 020 7478 0100 to chat through your booking. Our lines are open 10am-6pm Monday to Saturday.

or email

We’d love to know how to make your visit the best it can be, so have a chat with us before you get here – we love to hear from you.

Register for an Access Account

To book access tickets, step free seating and to hear more about our accessible shows register here.

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Captioned Performances

A captioned performance, has a screen displaying the written script alongside the action on stage. The best seats for this will be indicated on the seating plan. For access to these seats, register for an online access account.

British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreted performances

Our BSL interpreted performances feature an on-stage interpreter who converts spoken dialogue into British Sign Language. BSL has a unique structure and syntax and the interpreter will spend several weeks learning a play before performing their translation.

Induction Loops

We have Sennheiser induction loops, which can be linked to a hearing aid to amplify the on stage sound. We can also provide headsets to go with these if needed. These can be used in any seat in the Main House. These can be booked in advance by calling our team on 020 7478 0100.

Audio Described Performances

We don’t want you to miss out on anything that happens on stage. Our audio described performances give you a live commentary about the action happening on stage through a pair of small headphones.

Like a narrator telling a story, a trained describer will tell you about the things you might not be able to see, describing body language, expressions and movements, so that you can keep up with the action.

There is a live introduction which will tell you about the characters, their costumes and the appearance of the set 15 minutes before the start of the show.


Touch Tours

To help you immerse yourself in the show we offer touch tours before each audio-described performance enabling you to explore the stage and get a feel of the set and costumes before the play starts.

If you’d like to experience a touch tour before you come along to the audio described performance please let us know when you book your ticket so we can get everything ready in advance for you. Touch tours normally take place 1 hour before the start of the show.

At relaxed performances there is a relaxed attitude towards noise, welcoming natural responses to the show. There is the freedom to enter and exit the space when needed and we have staff on hand to accommodate any assistance, getting to seats or taking breaks.

Each of our three venues are accessible via our lift and we reserve wheelchair spaces in each venue, where you can choose to transfer in to a seat, or you can choose to stay in your wheelchair and we will remove seats to accommodate this.

You can book into these accessible seats online, when you register with us for an access account. Make sure you log in to your account first and look for the wheelchair icon over the seat.

There are wheelchair-user accessible toilets on the ground, second and third floors of the building. *Please note: We do not have wheelchair-user accessible toilets in our Downstairs venue. The nearest wheelchair-user accessible toilets are on the ground floor, accessible via the lift.

We welcome assistance animals at Soho Theatre. When planning your visit with us, we ask you to call or email us with what show you’d like to see, the date and any further requirements, so we can make sure you are seated in the best place for you to enjoy the show and your animal to have the best experience.

For a list of access performances including captioned, audio described and relaxed shows scroll to the bottom of our page for our current list of what is coming up.


To book access tickets you can register for an access account to book tickets online or call us on 020 7478 0100 or write in to

Our Building and How To Get Around It

Our accessible theatre side entrance at 21 Dean Street measures: width 115cm; height 230cm.

Our bar side venue measures: width 112cm; height 231cm.

Our lift offers step free access to each floor.

It measures:

Doors – width 80cm; height 200cm

Interior dimensions – width 110cm; height 208cm; length 138cm.

Soho Theatre Downstairs is a performance space with a small stage and cabaret style seating.

Lift: Lift access available, go to floor B. There are 21 stairs from the foyer to the cabaret space.

Doors: There are 2 doors on the way to the cabaret space measuring: width 105cm.

Seats: Seats AA- E are metal chairs sat at tables measuring:

Row F are banquette seats measuring: width 45cm.

Rows G-J are flip down seats measuring: width 42cm.

Toilets: There are 4 gender neutral cubicles outside the venue and a gender neutral toilet (cubicles and urinals) inside the venue. They measure: width 124cm; height 214cm; depth 200cm. The doors measure: width 59cm; height 196cm.

There are no access toilets in the downstairs space. Use the lift to first floor for the nearest access toilet.

Our largest venue, situated on the 2nd floor.

Lift: For step free access to your seat, take the lift to the 1st floor. If you let a member of our audience team know you are on your way, they will be waiting at the 1st floor entrance to take you to your seat. The door measurements are: width 80cm; height 217cm.

The other entrance to our Main House is on the 2nd floor. Take the lift to floor 2, there are 32 steps between the foyer and the 2nd floor.

Doors: There are 2x doors on the way in to the Main House on the 2nd floor. Door 1 measures: width 78cm; height 211cm. Door 2 measures: width 113cm; height: 220cm.

Seats: Stalls- Row AA-J are flip-down bench seating, that are designed in two people blocks. They measure 85cm wide, approx. 42cm per seat.

Row C-J have a 17cm step between row.

Balcony – Row Y-Z are flip down high seats with a large step up to them and a foot rest. They offer a side on view of the stage. They measure: 85cm, approx. 42cm per seat. The foot rest measures 24cm high.

Toilet: 3x gender neutral cubicles alongside 1x access cubicle directly outside the Main House on the 2nd floor. Door to access toilet measures: Width 89cm; height 194cm.

A black box studio space with unallocated seats on the 3rd floor.

Lift: Take the lift to floor 3. There are 48 stairs from the ground floor foyer to the studio on the third floor.

Doors: One entrance to the space measuring: width 120cm; height 209cm.

Seats: Flip down chairs measuring width: 40cm. 3rd Row has a 18cm step up to seats, 4th Row a 32cm step up to seats.

Toilets: 2x gender neutral cubicle toilets on 3rd floor, alongside 1x access cubicle. Entrance to Access toilet: 88cm wide.

Access toilets are situated on the ground floor, 2nd floor and 3rd floor.

Measurements for access toilets:

Ground floor measurements are: Width 147cm; height 212cm; depth 205cm. The door measures: width 87cm, height 195cm.

2nd floor measurements are: width 158cm; height 210cm; depth 182cm. The door measures: width 89cm; height 194cm.

3rd floor measurements are: width 199cm; height 245cm; depth 261cm. The door measures: width 92; height 222cm.

Our closest Blue Badge Bays are on Carlisle Street and Frith Street.

We are also part of the Q-park Theatreland Parking scheme, which offers you a 50% discount on up to 4 hours of parking. Click here for more information.

Our nearest underground station is Tottenham Court Road, which is on the Central Line, Elizabeth Line and Northern Line. This underground station has step-free access and the gap between tube and platform is suitable for wheelchair users. Click here for more information.

Our closest bus stop is Tottenham Court Road Station on route 98 or Dean Street Chinatown on route 19.

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