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Welcome to Soho Theatre. We are a charity and social enterprise, driven by a passion for the work we produce, the artists we work with and the audiences we attract.

We own our own home, Soho Theatre in the heart of London’s West End. A former Synagogue, we raised funds, purchased and redeveloped it, opening it for the turn of the millennium in March 2000. Today it is one of the capital’s busiest theatre and comedy venues, with a year-round festival programme,  audiences of 180,000 a year and a buzzing bar.

Our roots date back to the early 1970s at the Soho Poly Theatre. A small but influential venue, Soho Poly was radical and relevant, capturing the excitement and innovation of its time. Today our work is wide-ranging, drawing from this fringe heritage, and adding a queer, punk, counter-culture flavour. We champion voices that challenge from outside of the mainstream, and sometimes from within it too. We value entertainment and a great night out.

We produce and co-produce new plays, work with associate artists and present the best new emerging theatre companies and comedians. We present the early work of countless UK artists (many who become industry giants), and we present many international artists’ London debuts. We have a thriving variety of artist and talent development programmes, artists under commission and in development, and two new writing awards including the national Verity Bargate Award for new playwrights.

Work extends far beyond our Dean Street home, with a UK and international touring programme and connections. We present shows and scout talent at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and have close links with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. We are the UK’s leading presenter of Indian comedians from the burgeoning scene there, and we have a Soho Theatre Producer based in Mumbai and regularly present work there. We film shows and create our own digital work, and this can be seen on Amazon Prime UK, inflight on British Airways and streamed from this site.

And, we’re expanding, into an additional 1,000 seat venue in Walthamstow due to open in 2024.


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