Pre-Show Information 

Please find following information about the show and what to expect when attending. This includes sound, lighting and plot content.


Super High Resolution includes the following lighting and sound cues:

– Sudden shifts from darkness to bright / bright to darkness

– Occasional flashing lights

– Bright neon strip lights

– Occasional loud music and sudden sounds


Super High Resolution plot content:

Super High Resolution explores care, family, love, and the pressures of work and personal life. The play’s main character Anna is a NHS doctor who has reached the limit of her ability to care for her patients as her personal life spirals. As such this play explores, depicts, and contains references to topics that some of our audiences may find distressing. This includes depictions of trauma and self-harm; references to self-harm and suicide, death and dying, domestic violence, illness, miscarriage, and some strong language.

If you or someone you know is affected by any of these topics, there are a range of support resources available to you and we have collated a collection here.

For more detailed information about any of the above please do get in touch with us


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