Talks and Events

Panel discussion- Sex, power, play

Sat 29 Sep Post matinee

Performers Jenn Kidwell and Scott Sheppard explore the themes of the show with Lina Khatib, Head of Middle East and North Africa Programme at Chatham House and Anjula Mutanda, relationship psychologist. Chaired by Damsel Productions Artistic Director Hannah Hauer-King.

Open Canvas and World Creation: Underground Railroad Game Masterclass

Wed 10 Oct 1pm

Creator/performers of Underground Railroad Game, Jenn Kidwell and Scott Sheppard, will share a key devising tool that is instrumental in their theatre making process: Open Canvas. Discover a complex creation tool rooted in improvisation that expands the writing process beyond a traditional scriptwriting one. Through Open Canvas an ensemble will focus on physical rhythms, poetic imagery, tension, breath, and holistic world creation.

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