The sold out hit of the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival arrives at Soho Theatre

Picture the most mundane place imaginable descending into a world of absurdist fantasy. Business drones Grareth Krubb and Dennis Chang whittle away the minutes in the barren office of Ruck’s Leather Interiors, patiently waiting for the phone call that may or may not give them something to actually do. In between the drudgery of the 9-5, the minutiae of office existence open up a fantastical world of fancy where a sticky piece of paper turns men into pigeons, where briefcases are dogs, and where that elusive client is always a missed call away.

Following the delirious success of Kraken and Nautilus, his two solo shows at the Mime Festival, Trygve Wakenshaw joins forces with fellow New Zealander, Barnie Duncan (Calypso Nights), in this extraordinary celebration of the banal. Dialogue is minimal, jokes are plentiful; physical comedy at its best.

Pricing and availability

Wed 17 Jan 7.00pm
Thu 18 Jan 7.00pm
Band A £17.00
Band B £15.00
Band C Sold out
Standing £11.00
Last few
Fri 19 Jan 7.00pm
Band A £20.00
Band B £18.00
Band C Sold out
Standing £14.00
Last few
Sat 20 Jan 4.00pm
Sat 20 Jan 7.00pm
£11 £20

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