Talks and Events

Post-show discussion: Talkback Forum

Sat 19 Oct 4pm

Come together with the writers and fellow audience members in an informal setting to share responses to Shuck ‘n’ Jive.

Post-show discussion: We Are Not A Monolith

Sat 26 Oct 4pm

How far have we really come in terms of how blackness is represented on stage? Join our panel as they respond to the themes explored in Shuck ‘n’ Jive and ask: What does minstrelsy look like in 2019? How have monolithic depictions impacted upon perceptions of what black artists are capable of? And how can we continue to dismantle stereotypes and provoke positive change moving forward? Panel includes theatremaker & producer Koko Brown (Resident Artist at The Roundhouse), producer & playwright Shereen Jasmin Phillips (Head of Neighbourhood Theatre, Young Vic) and Shuck n Jive‘s movement director Diane Alison-Mitchell.