NOMINEE: Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2017 - Best Newcomer

‘Traditionally, unmarried maids were sent into the vegetable garden to choose the perfect cabbage’ (Anon).

Bonkers storytelling with a heart and an elusive cabbage. Trapped in a dysfunctional household, will an Edwardian(ish) maid’s devilish streak ruin everything or will the cabbage save her?

Debut solo show from half of sketch duo LetLuce.

Pricing and availability

Wed 17 Jan 8.45pm
£13.50 Last few
Thu 18 Jan 8.45pm
£14.50 Last few
Fri 19 Jan 8.45pm
£15.50 Last few
Sat 20 Jan 8.45pm
£16.50 Last few
£13 £17

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