Primary Playwrights

Spring 2023
A FREE project introducing Year 6 children from Waltham Forest primary schools to the art of playwriting,

The programme

  • Encourages pupils to connect with their imagination whilst encouraging them to express and organise their ideas and made-up stories into dramatic narratives.
  • Encourages pupils to articulate meaning a in a range of different ways, motivating them to broaden their vocabulary and experiment with different speech and language patterns. As they learn how to take stories from their heads and write them large, they learn and discover different modes of language and styles of writing.
  • Pupils learn about laying out scenes clearly so that their scripts can be spoken aloud by other pupils and by professional actors.

The Process

  • Each class takes part in five 90-minute creative writing workshops, led by a professional playwright, supported by professional actors. These usually take place in January to February each year, as appropriate to each school and teacher.
  • All students are then invited to write a short play (roughly 5 minutes), about any subject they choose, and teachers will submit the scripts to us in April.
  • The plays are read, and a selection (x2 from each school) are produced as a professional showcase at Soho Theatre in summer
  • In June/July the schools have their in-house performances, performed by professional actors performing the two winning plays from their school.


For more information, to join Soho Young Playwrights or to arrange workshops contact