Published: Mon 5 Sep 22

Verity Bargate Award 2022 Shortlist announced

  • Six plays shortlisted for Soho Theatre’s foremost playwriting award
  • Judging panel includes April De Angelis, James Graham, Theresa Ikoko, Morgan Lloyd Malcolm with Chair Stephen Garrett
  • Award-winner to be announced on 23 September
  • The Verity Bargate Award is sponsored by Character 7

Soho Theatre has announced the six plays shortlisted for the 40th anniversary of Soho Theatre’s Character 7 sponsored Verity Bargate Award:

  • A Young Man Comes by Alan Mahon
  • Boys on the Verge of Tears by Sam Grabiner
  • Everything I’m Thinking, All of the Time by Sam Ward
  • Porn Play by Sophie Chetin-Leuner
  • Samuel Takes a Break in Male Dungeon N°5 After a Long but Generally Successful Day of Tours by Rhianna Ilube
  • Working Men by Benjamin Kuffuor

This year’s award is judged by a panel of industry experts including past Soho playwrights Theresa Ikoko (Girls, 2015, Soho Theatre), James Graham (Tory Boyz, 2008, and Monster Raving Loony, 2016, Soho Theatre) and Morgan Lloyd Malcolm (Mum, 2021, Soho Theatre), as well as April De Angelis (Jumpy, Royal Court and West End). The award is sponsored by Character 7 and chaired by film and television producer, Character 7’s Stephen Garrett. The Award honours Verity Bargate, Soho’s co-founder who passionately championed new writing during her time at the small but hugely influential fringe theatre company, Soho Poly.

Gillian Greer, Soho Theatre’s Literary Manager, said: ‘These six plays represent some of the most exciting new writing being developed in the UK and Ireland today. We’re delighted by the range of stories that the Award has identified this year – from raucous comedy to high octane thriller and form bending innovation, each and every one of these plays deserves to be produced and celebrated. We couldn’t be prouder to shortlist them for the Verity Bargate Award 2022’

Character 7’s Executive Chairman and Verity Bargate Award Judging Panel Chair Stephen Garrett said: ‘There has never been a more urgent time to make sure that new, young, vibrant voices are heard. The Verity Bargate Award provides the most fabulous platform to enable emerging talent to stand out from the cacophony. This is a thrilling shortlist, exceptional writers all. Character 7 could not be prouder to be a part of this.’