Published: Tue 2 Aug 22

Announcing the longlisted playwrights for Verity Bargate Award 2022

  • 17 plays longlisted for Soho Theatre’s foremost playwriting award
  • Judging panel includes April De Angelis, James Graham, Theresa Ikoko, Morgan Lloyd Malcolm with Chair Stephen Garrett
  • Shortlist revealed mid-August, Award-winner in September
  • The Verity Bargate Award is sponsored by Character 7



From modern day inequities to porn addiction, betting shops, spiritual and sexual liberation and an octopus taught to believe in God, 17 new plays have been longlisted for the 40th anniversary of Soho Theatre’s Character 7 sponsored Verity Bargate Award.

From over 1200 submissions, the longlist represents the very best in new writing today with many written over the last two years during lockdown. The longlist showcases a variety of themes and form – from epic dramas, comedies, thrillers and heartfelt autobiographical stories to theatrical leaps of imagination – proving how strong the craft of playwriting remains throughout the UK and Ireland.

This year’s award is judged by a panel of industry experts including past Soho playwrights Theresa Ikoko (Girls, 2015, Soho Theatre), James Graham (Tory Boyz, 2008, and Monster Raving Loony, 2016, Soho Theatre) and Morgan Lloyd Malcolm (Mum, 2021, Soho Theatre), as well as April De Angelis (Jumpy, Royal Court and West End). The award is sponsored by Character 7 and chaired by film and television producer, Character 7’s Stephen Garrett. The Award honours Verity Bargate, Soho’s co-founder who passionately championed new writing during her time at the small but hugely influential fringe theatre company, Soho Poly.

Verity Bargate Award 2021 longlist
A Woman Walks Into a Bank                  Roxy Cook
A Young Man Comes                              Alan Mahon
Bet Junkie                                                Daniel Ward
Boys On The Verge of Tears                   Sam Grabiner
CAP: A Medicinal Love Story                           Mika Onyx Johnson
Everything I’m Thinking, All of the Time           Sam Ward
Friday at the masjid                                          maatin
Hallelujah                                                 Temi Wilkey
King Troll (The Fawn)                              Sonali Bhattacharyya
Lady Dealer                                                       Martha Watson Allpress
Octopolis                                                  Marek Horn
Porn Play                                                 Sophia Chetin-Leuner
Private Adult Things                                          Georgia Green
Samuel Takes a Break in Male Dungeon
No.5 After a Long but Generally
Successful Day of Tours                                   Rhianna Ilube
Sick Children Karoke                               Gareth Jandrell
Succession Theme Is My Ringtone                           Joe Kerridge
Working Men                                            Benjamin Kuffuor