Soho Theatre today announces its Spring/Summer 2022 season featuring five new shows in its Main House venue: Iman Qureshi’s The Ministry of Lesbian Affairs (a Soho Six co-commission with Damsel Productions), Bourgeois & Maurice’s Pleasure Seekers (with Tim Whitehead), Claudia Rankine’s The White Card (with Northern Stage, Leeds Playhouse & Birmingham Repertory Theatre in association with HOME Manchester), David Hoyle’s Ten Commandments (with Switchflicker and Tim Whitehead) and RashDash with their brand new production Oh Mother.


Following the successful reopening of the Upstairs Studio with Ifeyinwa Frederick’s Sessions (a Soho Six co-commission with Paines Plough) the first new full season of work has been announced for the Upstairs Studio, featuring Emily Aboud’s Splintered, Nathan Ellis’s work.txt, Will Jackson’s Yours Sincerely, Ryan Calais Cameron’s Human Nurture, James Fritz’s Lava, Stephanie Martin’s Juniper and Jules, Majid Mehdizadeh’s Y’MAM: Young Man’s Angry Movements and Eleanor Tindall’s Before I Was a Bear.


With this new season, Soho Theatre continues its commitment to present work created from outside of London and touring new work around the UK:

  • Claudia Rankine’s The White Card is a European premiere of an American play which will be created in Newcastle; James Fritz’s Lava is produced by Nottingham company Fifth Word, Y’MAM: Young Man’s Angry Movements was created with Liverpool Everyman Playhouse and Ryan Calais Cameron’s Human Nurture is co-produced by Theatre Centre and Sheffield Theatres.
  • Originally programmed for 2020, Soho Theatre’s rescheduled Jinkx Monsoon & Major Scales’ Together Again, Again tour includes dates in London, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Leeds, Hull, Coventry, Manchester, Brighton, Birmingham, Cardiff and Nottingham.
  • Soho Theatre’s inaugural Soho Theatre On Demand Film Festival will increase its reach to new audiences around the country with the Soho Theatre On Demand premiere releases of five new films created over the past 12 months including: Cassiopeia Berkeley-Agyepong & Simone Ibbett-Brown’s Shuck’n’Jive, David Hoyle’s Hedda and Natasha Marshall’s Half Breed. Full programme to be announced next month.


David Luff, Soho Theatre’s Creative Director, said:Soho Theatre is back to its festival best with brand new shows across our three stages. We have a world premiere from Iman Qureshi, a brilliant talent we’ve watched rise through our Writers’ Lab and Soho Six commissioning programmes. We welcome back long-time collaborators Bourgeois & Maurice and RashDash with shows about hedonism in Soho and the love, exhaustion and chaos of motherhood. And we co-produce a devastatingly sharp and smart European premiere by Claudia Rankine, with Northern Stage.

Alongside the full relaunch of the Upstairs Studio and reaching new UK and international audiences with our digital and touring shows, we continue to build towards the opening of our new venue in Walthamstow. 2022 promises to be a fantastic year of work.”


Tue 15 – Sat 26 Feb
7.15pm (2.30pm Sat matinees)
Upstairs Studio  

Lagahoo Productions present
Written and directed by Emily Aboud
Part-play, part-cabaret, join our three MCs as they take you through a queer whirlwind of sad truths, joyful lies and Caribbean history. How does one deal with coming out in a homophobic culture? With queer joy, yuh dun know!
Carnival is a commemoration despite and in spite of oppression. We Caribbean people celebrate through hard times, and here we are – celebrating and trying to unpack what it means to be queer in a place where it is outlawed. A dazzling show based upon interviews with queer women from Trinidad & Tobago – this is SPLINTERED.
Expect a form-breaking, joy-inducing cabaret with plenty wining and a f*cktonne of glitter – “come free up yuhself”!



Mon 28 Feb – Sat 12 Mar
7.15pm (2.30pm Sat matinees)
Upstairs Studio


workdottext present
By Nathan Ellis
Hate your job? Come work for us.
This is a show about work.
But the worker isn’t here, so it’s down to you.
You’ll clock in at the beginning.
You’ll get short breaks at regular intervals.
You’ll work in a team, and under your own initiative.
You will be your own boss.
You will be free.
work.txt is a show performed entirely by the audience about the gig economy, financial instability and bullshit jobs.
TRC International Innovation Award Winner 2021.
VAULT Innovation Award Nominee, 2020.
Supported by Arts Council England and Bedales Events



Mon 14 – Sat 19 Mar
7.15pm (2.30pm Sat matinee)
Upstairs Studio



Quick Duck Theatre presents
By Will Jackson
Will Jackson has accidentally stolen 300-second-class stamps from the post office. But he’s making them count. He’s going to write letters. From reconnecting with old friends and ex-boyfriends to run-ins with the marketing department at John Lewis, stamp collecting has never looked so sexy…
Based on real-life correspondences, storytelling and lipsync cabaret collide in this queer coming-of-age comedy about the complications of 21st-century communication.
Written & Performed by Will Jackson (BBC Arts New Creative & Bush Theatre Emerging Writer 2019-20) Yours Sincerely was originally produced by Birmingham REP as part of their Foundry Artist development programme where it was generously supported by the Leverhulme Trust and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.



Tue 22 – Sat 26 Mar
7.15pm (2.30pm Thu and Sat matinees)
Upstairs Studio


A Theatre Centre and Sheffield Theatres co-production
By Ryan Calais Cameron
Directed by Rob Watt
Roger and Harry’s bond is so strong they could be brothers. They share the same food, music, laughs, even dreams – but not race. Roger is black and Harry is white…but what does that matter, right?
When Roger is rehomed, Harry is left behind in the care system, and these brothers start to walk down different paths. When Roger returns to celebrate Harry’s birthday, his new name Runaku isn’t the only change, and this dream reunion becomes much more complicated.
Human Nurture is a new play from Ryan Calais Cameron featuring live music, moves and plenty of dynamite!



Mon 28 Mar – Sat 2 Apr
Main House


Soho Theatre, Switchflicker and Tim Whitehead present
DAVID HOYLE: TEN COMMANDMENTS Following his smash-hit Diamond, David Hoyle returns to Soho Theatre with Ten Commandments, combining his captivating stage performance with lacerating social commentary.
Rioting the wrongs of contemporary Britain, Ten Commandments promises to rebalance all the inequities and injustices that surround us.
In this light hearted antidote to the rat infested dystopia in which we currently find ourselves, David returns the Garden of Eden to its natural state free from nuclear weapons, landfills and perpetual burning forests.
We welcome the congregation to liberate themselves and others in a thermonuclear explosion of love and also hope for what remains of the 21st century.



Tue 5 – Sat 30 Apr
Main House


Tim Whitehead & Soho Theatre present
Cult cabaret superstars Bourgeois & Maurice are back with a spectacular new show that puts the FUN back into our fundamentally pointless existence!!!
B&M love performing, but these days they can’t help wondering if deriving their entire sense of self-worth from singing songs in spangly outfits to a sea of strangers in a dark room is a bit…well…f*cked up. So now they’re on a mission to find other ways of achieving pleasure, and they’re gonna do it the only way they know how – by putting on a show.
Pleasure Seekers bellyflops straight into a joy jacuzzi as B&M party their way to ultimate happiness with the hilariously savage wit and unique brand of pop-satire that has made them one of the UK’s most subversive and original musical acts.
Life-affirmingly demented, this brand new show is a high-energy homage to hedonism in all its filthy, fabulous glory.



Tue 5 – Sat 30 Apr
7.15pm (2.30pm Sat matinees)
Upstairs Studio


Fifth Word presents
By James Fritz
“He can’t speak.” “What, at all?”
Boy meets girl. Boy can’t talk to girl.
And a small asteroid has hit the capital city.
It was ridiculous. Impossible. But it happened. As London adjusts to life after an unthinkable disaster, in a small town far away, a young man called Vin finds he can no longer speak. Is it shock? Grief? Or something else?
While Vin’s mum Vicky struggles with a loss of her own, his friend Rach is determined to help him find a way out of silence. But when Rach’s family take in a charismatic and articulate survivor, who thinks talking – or even singing – about your suffering is the way to heal, Vin’s plight is suddenly eclipsed…
In a world that celebrates self-expression, what happens to those who can’t express themselves? And what lengths will we go to to make sense of our sadness?
From award-winning playwright James Fritz (Four Minutes Twelve Seconds, Parliament Square, Ross & Rachel), LAVA is a play for the moment: a funny, tender and moving story about friendship and reconnection in the aftermath of catastrophe.


Thu 7 Apr – Sat 11 Jun
Various times
Soho Elsewhere

Soho Theatre & Tim Whitehead Management present
JINKX MONSOON AND MAJOR SCALES: TOGETHER AGAIN, AGAIN! UK TOUR It’s been forty-five years since Jinkx Monsoon and Major Scales have set foot on stage together.
The long-endured cabaret duo have long since gone their separate ways; Jinkx becoming a faded TV movie starlet, and Major fading into musical obscurity— each of them clinging onto what scraps of fame they still have. Now, after decades of anticipation, the two of them have come together for one final reunion upon the stage. They’re together again, again!
The RuPaul’s Drag Race Star and musical prodigy Major Scales return to the UK with their most outrageously raucous show yet!

Touring to:
Leicester Square Theatre, London. Thu 7 – Sat 23 Apr
Tyne Theatre & Opera House, Newcastle. Wed 27 Apr
The Queens Hall, Edinburgh. Fri 29 Apr
City Varieties Music Hall, Leeds. Sat 30 Apr
Hull Truck Theatre, Hull. Wed 4 May
Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry. Thu 5 May
Contact, Manchester. Fri 6 & Sat 7 May
Theatre Royal, Brighton. Tue 7 Jun
The Alexandra, Birmingham. Wed 8 Jun
Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. Fri 10 Jun
Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham. Sat 11 Jun 


Tue 3 – Sat 14 May
7.15pm (3pm Sat matinees)
Upstairs Studio

Clamour Theatre presents
By Stephanie Martin
Directed Bethany Pitts
“You’re not better than me because you’re gay-er.”
Juniper has liked girls, (only girls), for as long as she can remember.
Jules didn’t realise she could like girls because no-one ever told her it was an option.
Jules isn’t naturally monogamous, she doesn’t think. She’s always liked to be different. She wants to make new rules.
Juniper is more interested in peace and quiet and happiness (and making sure the washing-up gets done by bedtime).
Juniper and Jules is a contemporary story about relationships, queer identities, and how we choose to love.



Thu 5 May – Sat 11 Jun
7.30pm (2.30pm Thu and Sat matinees)
Main House 


Damsel Productions and Soho Theatre present
By Iman Qureshi
Directed by Hannah Hauer-King 
It’s 2022. There’s a rainbow flag in every high street window – and no lesbian bar. Enter The Ministry of Lesbian Affairs: a lesbian choir on a mission to unite its community.
Written by Iman Qureshi (Writers’ Lab and Soho Six alumni, Papatango Prize winner – The Funeral Director) and directed by Hannah Hauer-King, The Ministry of Lesbian Affairs is a heart-warming comedy about community, queerness, and belonging. With songs.



Tue 24 May – Sat 4 Jun
7.15pm (3pm Sat matinees)
Upstairs Studio


Alex Ferguson Productions in association with Liverpool Everyman Playhouse presents
by Majid Mehdizadeh 
In this electric, pulsating autobiographical solo-show, Majid (Hollyoaks, War Horse) traces the origin of his own personal struggles with anger and probes the unspoken anxieties, desires and fantasies of Toxic Masculinity, inviting us to join him on his journey to a new modern ‘manhood’. Combining spoken word, music and brutally honest accounts of his past; Y’MAM is an inspiring, uplifting story about love, appreciation and learning to let things go.


Mon 6 – Sat 11 Jun
7.15pm (3pm Sat matinees)
Upstairs Studio

Broccoli – Eve Allin and Salome Wagaine present
By Eleanor Tindall
Cally wants to tell you about her life. She is a bear now, but she wasn’t always. Before, she had sports days, complicated friendships, sex (good and bad) & tesco energy drinks mixed with cheap vodka. She was just like you, before. Then one night Cally is at a pub in Finsbury Park, and someone walks in. Someone you wouldn’t believe.
Anyone would have done it. Even you.
After a successful run at the well-loved Bunker Theatre in 2019, Before I Was A Bear, Eleanor Tindall’s Stage Debut Award-nominated play directed by Aneesha Srinivasan and starring Jacoba Williams returns. Don’t miss this funny, brutal & compelling coming of age story about friendship, mistakes and all consuming celebrity crushes.




Tue 21 Jun – Sat 16 Jul
7.30pm (3pm Thu and Sat matinees)
Main House


A Soho Theatre Theatre, Northern Stage, Leeds Playhouse & Birmingham Repertory Theatre co-production in association with HOME Manchester
By Claudia Rankine
 The UK and European premiere of Claudia Rankine’s first published play, The White Card poses the question: can society progress when whiteness remains invisible? Written in 2019 during an increasingly racially divided America and before the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests rippled across the globe, a wealthy, privileged white couple invite a talented Black artist to dinner. Tensions run high and a heated debate uncovers some uncomfortable truths that can’t be ignored about white privilege, cultural appropriation and representation.
Be an ally, be in the room, be in the conversation. The White Card invites us to all to play our part in the debate.


Tue 19 Jul – Sat 13 Aug
Main House

A RashDash and HOME co-production, co-commissioned by Soho Theatre, Tobacco Factory Theatres and MAYK
OH MOTHER This show is a fever dream made in the heat of the love, the exhaustion and the chaos.
It’s for our friends, our parents, our partners, our babies and for any of you that are making a family.
Family means everything you want it to mean.
What a transformative thing it can be to take care of someone else, completely. How it rearranges you. How you might yearn to do it. How you will definitely yearn for a break.
It is relentless. Diabolical. Wonderful. Hilarious. Necessary.
Following the award winning Three Sisters, RashDash and their mums explore having and becoming mothers.

Also presented at:
HOME, Manchester
Thu 12 – Sat 28 May
On sale now 

Tobacco Factory Theatres with MAYK, Bristol
Tues 21 – Sat 25 June
On sale in early 2022


Augustin Wecxsteen / Communications Officer /
Kelly Fogarty / Co- Audience & Communications Director /

SOHO THEATRE is London’s most vibrant producer for new theatre, comedy and cabaret. We pursue creative excellence, harnessing an artistic spirit that is based in our new writing roots, the radical ethos of the fringe and the traditions of punk culture and queer performance. We champion voices that challenge from outside of the mainstream, and sometimes from within it too. We value entertainment, accessibility and enjoy a good show. We are a registered charity and social enterprise and our audiences are diverse in age, background and outlook.

Ordinarily our work plays to live audiences of 250,000 audiences a year in our Dean Street venue, at the Edinburgh Fringe and beyond. During our temporary closure due to Covid-19 we re-launched our online platform Soho Theatre On Demand, which hosted the phenomenally successful live recording of Fleabag and recently released the critically acclaimed Typical and Sunrise. We’ve partnered with Amazon Prime Video (UK) for a three-series deal, bringing existing and new comedy shows to the platform (2020-21). We are also working towards the opening of an exciting second venue, a “local theatre with a national profile” in Walthamstow, currently slated to open in 2022.

Soho Theatre’s board is chaired by Dame Heather Rabbatts DBE and the company is led by Executive Director Mark Godfrey and Creative Director David Luff. | | @sohotheatre


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