Ebdon Management presents

Sunil Patel: White Knight v2: Surprise Muthafucka? Feels like a bit too much actually

Fri 11 – Sat 12 Jun 21 60 minutes
Right this is the listing for the last show I did, and I can promise you I have not grown or changed as a person

Fire emoji. Dove emoji. Aubergine emoji. Head exploding emoji. Money emoji. Brown fist emoji.
Powerful stuff?
People keep telling me I’m white. I’m not though, I’ve looked in a mirror. Can you please help me?


‘A clearly gifted comedian.’
Ed Fest Mag


As seen on ITV’s Jonathan Ross’ Comedy Club, BBC2’s The Big Asian Stand-up, Dave’s Beat the Internet, and challenging acting roles such as ‘fat dad’, ‘stupid man on toilet’, and ‘cat’.

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