Hester Stefan Chillingworth presents:


Mon 5 – Sat 10 Jun 23 70 minutes
Meet Shorty - a genre-questioning anti-fabulous non-binary drag-child.

Shorty frays at the edges and plays at the edges.

They want to talk to you.

They have SO MANY things to talk to you about but also show you, so are you watching? Look! Are you watching? Watch me! Are you watching? Don’t look at me.

Categories don’t make sense

Public toilets are stupid

Snacks are the best

Everyone has a tantrum sometimes

This solo show from artist Hester Stefan Chillingworth is a joyful, urgent and confronting look at the experience of the trans child, the power of the introvert and the beautiful time we spend with our minds when the body is made awkward or under attack.

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