Airlock Theatre Company presents

Lesbian Space Crime

Tue 6 – Thu 22 Dec 22 75 minutes
An astronaut is accused of criminal activity against her ex-wife whilst on a mission thousands of miles from Earth.

It is the dawn of space-crime, and a new era for queer representation.


Is she really a criminal.. or a hero?

Isolated in space, she cracks on with being an astronaut but is caught up in a constellation of bad times. Cornered by her colleagues, berated by her boss, and jeopardised by a Gemini (her skank wife).

Thankfully, she’s not from one of 69* Earth-countries where she would be a criminal just for being gay at all.

Lesbian Space Crime is a comedy with slapdash songs about intergalactic queer dirtbags.

The show was shortlisted for New Diorama’s Untapped Award in 2020 and showcased as part of The Omnibus Theatre’s Engine Room in 2021.

* nice ;))

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