Soho Theatre presents:

Great British Mysteries: BAD ALTITUDE

Wed 23 – Sat 26 Aug 23 75 minutes
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Olive and Teddy are back. And this time, it’s vertical.

It’s 1985, and past-it explorer Teddy Tyrell has blindly pledged to both find, then conquer, a mountain bigger than Everest. Even with his ever-doting assistant, Olive Bacon, by his side, surely this is one boast too far. Or is it? Is there really anything bigger than Everest? Will their crampons give them cramp? And is it actually possible for two performers to look like they’re climbing a mountain while only two feet off the ground?

BAD ALTITUDE is a stupid 1980s action film adventure that pulls at the excesses of the decade and rubs them in your face. You say “rip off”, we say, “lovingly referenced”.

With sold-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe under their thermal belts, Great British Mysteries are thrilled to be back at the Soho Theatre with this extremely tall tale.

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“Gloriously silly, wonderfully observed.”
Time Out
“The choice one liners keep coming.”
“Quirky, weird, hilarious, and unlike anything I have seen before.”
“Spoof character comedy at it’s finest.”
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