London Clown Festival present:

Claire Woolner: A Retrospection

Sat 13 Jul 24 60 minutes
In this intimately absurd hour, Woolner attempts to perform a retrospective of her ‘greatest’ works, only to embark on a battle with her own maniacal self-loathing and loads of fruit.
If the performance artist Marina Abromovic were a clown’
New York Times

Claire Woolner, Los Angeles based absurdist comedian, blows hard on the brutalist edges of performance art and swims into surrealist clown in this intimate evening in which she attempts to perform a retrospective of her ‘greatest’ most ‘moving’ and ‘important’ work.

Absurdist comedic bits, playful performance pieces and authentic breakdowns, make this an experience of tragicomedy at its finest. Teetering between what is intended and what is improvised, A Retrospection brings the audience on an exciting (and at times nerve wracking) ride of ego battle, failure and creativity and how to survive, discover and connect amidst them all.

A roller-coaster ride with wild thrills mixed with laughs of incredulity that she went to such extremes, and laughs of relief that the danger is artificial. Probably.

Part of London Clown Festival 2024.

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Sat 13 Jul 8.45 pm
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