Chinese Arts Now present

Chinese Arts Now Scratch Night

Mon 10 Feb 20 120 minutes
An evening of works in progress, CAN’s festival scratch night is part of its ongoing artist development work.

ECHO by Xie Rong
ECHO is a new performance work that reflects on the artist’s past. It mines her own experiences of childhood, youth and motherhood – and those of her female ancestors. She is a story-teller. There will be action, music and spoken words. Objects are slowly unveiled, juxtaposed with personal narratives. The piece explores identity, family, sorrow and roots.

Vegan Gluten Free by Lucia Tong
Vegan Gluten Free follows a tiger mom in an IG world as she struggles to keep up with the Joneses and stay sane. The story explores who we are behind our picture perfect Instagram realities and queries if endless Google questioning will save us or be the end of us. Vegan Gluten Free navigates the minefield of what it means to be a good mother in today’s society, while also visiting different cultural preconceptions of child rearing, a mother’s role in historical contexts and mental well-being.

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