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by Maygan Forbes Wed 7 Feb 60 minutes
What does a kebab wrapper, a flat white and an ASBO all have in common?

Meet Cherry, Dagenham’s answer to Frank Gallagher. She’s shameless and wants you to know why. After a life changing medical diagnosis, Cherry has a few final words and two middle fingers she wants to share with the public.

“I’m selfish, and greedy, and a bit of a cow. But I own those stripes. Like a badge of damn honour. There is nothing no one round here can tell me about myself because it’s the foundations of my own internal dialogue. Not in like a depressing way, but a self-acknowledgement – I wake up in the morning and it’s who I am. My permanent makeup. A selfish, greedy cow.”

Following on from a sold out run at the Vault’s Festival 2023, Cherry returns to the stage. Written by Maygan Forbes and directed by Hamish Clayton, this isn’t a tale of hometown glory – Cherry wants the world to know she’s everything you hate, dirty, raw and so much more.

Part of Soho Rising Festival 2024, a celebration of new work created by comedians, writers and performers who have taken part in our Writers’ Lab, Comedy Lab or Cabaret & Drag Lab programmes.

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