RBM by arrangement with Noel Gay presents

Ayesha Hazarika: Girl on Girl – The Fight for Feminism

Mon 22 – Sat 27 Oct 18 60 minutes
Phew! After Weinstein and #MeToo, women of the world have finally united… for a good old-fashioned bitch-fight! Who cares about smashing the patriarchy when you can go full-on Prisoner: Cell-Block H?

So, what happened to feminism? Is it too posh? Too white? When did Germaine Greer become Richard Littlejohn? Whose feminism is it anyway? And who asked your opinion, Piers f**king Morgan? Ex-political adviser and regular pundit on Sky, BBC, CNN & LBC, Ayesha analyses the fight for feminism with humour and honesty, and asks – are sisters doing it to themselves?

Ayesha Hazarika, MBE, started her career as a stand-up comedian playing clubs across the country. She then took what she thought was a natural diversion into the Labour Party as a Special Adviser working for Gordon Brown, Harriet Harman and Ed Miliband. Since leaving front line politics she’s been busy with writing for the likes of Evening Standard and Grazia, as well as being a regular face on CNN, and has starred on various shows such Matt Forde’s Unspun, Good Morning Britain, The Andrew Marr Show, Newsnight, The Agenda and The Today Programme.

WINNER: Eastern Eye Award for Best Comedy, 2018 (for State of the Nation)

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