An Audience with Milly-Liu Francois Pandolfo

The last chapter in the autobiography of infamous feline movie star Milly-Liu. The cat’s out of the bag and Milly-Liu is ready to spill the beans on all your favourite celebrity pussies. She’s worked with the best of them, and been to bed with the rest of them! Come join her (if you dare), but be warned, she’ll throw you round like a half dead mouse. And FFS don’t mention David Attenborough.

Directed by Dan Jones.

Produced by Difficult Stage in association with The Other Room, supported by the Pleasance & Sherman Theatre as part of the Edinburgh National Partnerships.

WINNER: The David Johnson Emerging Talent Award 2022


Content warning:
This show contains audience participation, strong language, scenes of a sexual nature, nudity, drug use and vomiting, references to paedophilia, sexual assault, violence, animal harm / bestiality, death, ableist language and misogynistic language

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