IAM presents

Alfie Brown: Sensitive Man 2.0

Mon 27 Feb – Sat 4 Mar 23 60 minutes
Still Sensitive After All These Years

‘What does it mean to be sensitive?’

In this Chortle award winning and Edinburgh Comedy Award nominated show, Alfie will address this question. It will address this question using jokes. There is a joke about ageing, there is a joke about mental health (but hopefully not like you’ve seen before), and at one point Alfie uses the words ‘James Corden’ as a punchline. These jokes will weave together to create something greater than the sum of their parts, answering a question about emotion and its complicated relationship to morality. You can disagree, but you must laugh.

Note from Alfie…
[I refute that I am saying things to plainly and wilfully disrupt social progress. I am not. I might seem smug, I know, apologies, and I am often misunderstood. So at this particular point in the unfolding history of meaning, intention, signs and signifiers, I am going to sometimes going to tell you what I fucking mean.]


NOMINEE: Dave’s Best Show at Edinburgh Fringe 2022

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