IAM presents

Sam Campbell: Throws Down

Mon 27 Feb – Sat 4 Mar 23 60 minutes
Be careful. This guy will knock your socks off. Then, I’m sorry to say, he will likely go to town on your toes.

Here’s the deal – The show will be a mixture of probably some classic Cambo routines and some fresh produce. The show will be highly futuristic.

If you want to witness a complete feral with never seen before medical problems splutter on about the minutiae of public transport DON’T MISS THIS EVENT.

WARNING: The performer will be insulting people in the front row, but only the patrons in seats A8, A9, A10 and A12.*

Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to have a look at this blurb.

*Don’t worry, he won’t really – he’s actually a really cool guy.


WINNER: Edinburgh Best Comedy Show Award

DISQUALIFIED: Clean Comedian of the Year Award

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