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by Sidsel Rostrup and Suzy Kohane Wed 7 Feb 60 minutes
Loosely based on The Hammer of Witches, the 15th century guide to witch hunting: Written by two Dominican monks, it kick-started the European witch craze and was partly responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of women over the next few hundred years.
‘Hilarious yet extremely poignant’
Play's The Thing

Heinrich Kramer is the Jordan B Peterson of mediaeval Bavaria, the Andrew Tate of the Catholic Church.

Jacob Sprenger is a weird little guy with sweaty hands.

All Heinrich wants is an orderly cosmos, a sizeable following and a lucrative book deal.

Jacob just wants a friend.

Join them on their rabid quest to save the world, one witch trial at a time.

Incorporating text taken directly from Die Hexenhammer and verbatim text found on online incel forums, HEXENHAMMER explores how men end up killing women as a way to solve their own problems, and why that hasn’t changed in the past 500 years.

Directed by Complicité Associate Catherine Alexander. Shortlisted for Untapped Awards 2022.

Part of Soho Rising Festival 2024, a celebration of new work created by comedians, writers and performers who have taken part in our Writers’ Lab, Comedy Lab or Cabaret & Drag Lab programmes.

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'A brilliant show... A joy to watch, with impeccable comedic timing and hilarious references'
Everything Theatre
'Like a sinister Monty Python sketch'
'A witty wild ride on the misogyny train'
Gabriel Gatehouse, creator of The Coming Storm (BBC Radio 4)

Cast & Creatives

Sidsel Rostrup

Writer & Performer

Suzy Kohane

Writer & Performer

Catherine Alexander