Lagahoo Productions presents


Written and directed by Emily Aboud Tue 18 – Sat 29 Apr 23 75 minutes
Part-play, part-cabaret, join our three MCs as they take you through a queer whirlwind of Caribbean history, sad truths and joyful lies.

How do you deal with coming out joyfully in a homophobic culture? Join us and find out…

Carnival is a festival despite and in spite of oppression. We Caribbean people celebrate through hard times, and here we are, celebrating – trying to unpack what it means to be queer in a place where it is outlawed. A dazzling show based upon interviews with queer women from Trinidad & Tobago – this is Splintered.

‘Every bit as joyful and defiant as it is moving… A truly powerful piece of theatre.’
★★★★★ A Younger Theatre

Expect a form-breaking, joy-inducing cabaret with plenty wining and a f*cktonne of glitter – ‘come free up yuhself’.

Image credit – Holly Revell