Look at you, reading. You look great doing it. Not just a reader, but someone who reads blurbs. “Art” you shout, and regret it instantly. Please, no regrets friend.

This is an hour of “my” “comedy” so art might be overstating it, but it’s a great show. That’s a relative statement of course and there is a chance I’m deluded and should go back to being a vet. I promised I wouldn’t though, as I’m not in any way qualified, and that big horse died.

My show is about me finding my feet and voice after a sabbatical in which I got married, and became a dad, but that sounds dry doesn’t it? It’s not that. Well, it is that, but better than that – it’s weirder than you might think – there’s funny tricky bits. It’s a self portrait kind of. Look you’re going to have to come – I’m cult, honestly – ask around.’

Gloriously directed by Hamish Macdougall (who did Joseph Morpurgo’s Hammerhead and Graham Dickson’s The Narcissist), Willy is the best show William’s ever done. But call him William, not Willy – would you be so rude to Myfanwy..? Yes, he was in Alan Partridge, for like a tiny bit. Yes, he had a spot on Him & Her. Yes, he was in the second series of Broadchurch (the one that didn’t make sense), and no, for the last time no, he wasn’t in Horrible Histories.

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