Talks and Events

Post-show Q&A

Sat 20 Apr 4pm

With David Stuart (56 Dean Street) & James Barr (from A Gay & A Non-Gay podcast).

Post-show Q&A

Sat 27 Apr 4pm

With Lord  Brian Paddick (politician & former deputy assistant commissioner of Met Police, whose former partner died of a chemsex overdose) & Stephen Morris (chemsex & sexual crime lead HM Prison & Probation Service).

Post-show Q&A

Sat 4 May 4pm

Dorota Mucha is a founder and co-owner of ‘Us In Therapy’ where she offers Psychosexual and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy to couples and individuals.

In addition to working at Us In Therapy, she is Lead Psychosexual Therapist at the Sexual Health Clinic in Croydon University Hopsital, NHS Trust. She manages and supervises a team of psychosexual therapists as well as works clinically on a variety of clinical cases from a diverse population.

Furthermore, she works as a senior clinical staff member, lecturer and tutor at Tavistock Relationships.

She has been interviewed for several magazines including Attitude and Vice and contributed as a consultant to several documentaries and plays exploring currently popular topics such as ChemSex and changes in society’s attitude towards love, intimacy and sex.

Specialisations and areas of interest:same sex couples, cross-cultural relationships, compulsive use of internet or/and pornograpy, polyamoury, asexuality, digisexuality, etc.


David Stuart manages the chemsex support clinics at 56 Dean Street; he also manages the Dean Street Wellbeing programme, which promotes better sexual health and wellbeing through community dialogue and the arts.