A specially created site-specific new show at St Giles-in-the-Fields.

She’d seen him before;
pink shirt, dark hair, grey suit… jaw.
Oh yes, she’d seen him before.
He couldn’t quite place her face.

What happens when two totally different Londoners find themselves face to face on the worst day of their lives?

The End of History is a moving and funny site-responsive play with music which uses a chance encounter to explore the impact of gentrification on two radically different individuals. Paul is a gay party boy working in property, Wendy works in the charity sector. They belong to two different Londons but have one thing in common; they’re both alone in the city.

Staged off-site at St Giles-in-the-Fields Church in Soho, a part of London synonymous with Hogarth’s slums but which now sits in the centre of massive redevelopment project including Crossrail, Central St Giles Piazza and Centrepoint, The End of History draws on its historical past and its precarious present to create a panoramic portrait of a divided city.

Contains strong language and sexual and drug use references.

This production takes place at St Giles-in-the-Fields Church, WC2H 8LG. Tickets are for collection from the venue only and not Soho Theatre.

All ticket prices displayed below include a per ticket booking fee of £1.50.
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Sarah Malin headshot

Sarah Malin

Chris_Polick actor

Chris Polick



Marcelo Dos Santos


Gemma Kerr


Pricing and availability

Tue 5 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Book now
Wed 6 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Book now
Thu 7 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Book now
Fri 8 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Last few
Sat 9 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Book now
Tue 12 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Book now
Wed 13 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Book now
Thu 14 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Book now
Fri 15 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Book now
Mon 18 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Book now
Tue 19 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Book now
Wed 20 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Book now
Thu 21 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Book now
Fri 22 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Book now
Sat 23 Jun 7.30pm
£16.50 Book now
£16 £17
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