Bible-black Welsh comedy duo do sketches.

They’re not a cult. They inhabit irregular folk: Creole exorcists, apelike weirdos, a homemade sex robot. But they’re not a cult. Forget what you’ve heard on the news. Also, forget your family and friends. Don’t think, honey. Thought is a bouncer stopping you from getting into the best nightclub ever: The Death Hilarious! Shed your thoughts, pay £1,000 deposit and come bask in their terrible majesty!

Pricing and availability

Wed 28 Feb 9.00pm
£10.00 Book now
Thu 1 Mar 9.00pm
£12.00 Book now
Fri 2 Mar 9.00pm
£13.00 Book now
Sat 3 Mar 9.00pm
£13.00 Book now
£10 £13

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