It’s 1989, the girls are having a sleepover and you’re like, totally invited

Pillow fights in their underwear, singing into hairbrushes, and gossiping about their crushes, what could possibly go wrong? As long as they don’t answer the over-sized pink phone… dun dun DUUUN. Scream meets Clueless in this hilarious spoof horror musical.

Directed by Pappy’s Tom Parry, and based on the retro classic game Dream Phone, Scream Phone will take you on a killer journey back to the 80’s with an infectious original* soundtrack.

*Disclaimer: These songs are all original, so you won’t (well, you might) recognise some of your favourite 80’s hits.

Pricing and availability

Thu 28 Oct 9.15pm
£15.00 Book now
Fri 29 Oct 9.15pm
£15.00 Last few
Sat 30 Oct 9.15pm
£15.00 Book now
£15 £15

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