London youth theatres, schools and colleges perform at Soho Theatre in the National Theatre’s Connections festival, a celebration of young people, theatre-making and the importance of access to the arts.

Each year the National Theatre commissions new plays for young people to perform, bringing together some of the most exciting writers with the theatre-makers of tomorrow.


Tue 2 Apr
Terra/earth by Nell Leyshon:

A group of classmates is torn apart by the opportunity to perform their own dance. As they disagree and bicker, two distinct physical groups emerge and separate into opposing teams.
When a strange outsider appears – out of step with everyone else – the divide is disrupted. A contemporary narrative dance piece about individuality, community and heritage.

Performed by Sir George Monoux College
Choreography by Anthony Missen
Suitable for any age


Wed 3 Apr
The Sad Club by Luke Barnes:

A musical about depression and anxiety. It’s a collection of monologues, songs and duologues from all over time and space exploring what about living in this world stops us from being happy and how we might go about tackling those problems.

Performed by St Saviour’s & St Olave’s School
With Music By Adam Pleeth
Age recommendation 14+ (involves swearing)


Thu 4 Apr
Flesh by Rob Drummond:

A group of teenagers wake up in a forest with no clue how they got there. They find themselves separated into two different teams but have no idea what game they are expected to play. With no food, no water and seemingly no chance of escape, it’s only a matter of time before things start to get drastic. But whose side are people on and how far will they go to survive?
This is a play about human nature, the tribes we create and cannibalism.

Performed by Ravens Wood School
Age recommendation 14+ (involves swearing)

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