Imagine visiting your favourite friend / aunty / spinster / woman of independent means.

She’s a touch eccentric and always “alright”. Until last year, when it wasn’t alright and it all went a bit wrong. With lessons learned, a bit of self-discovery and some painful yet funny situations, this is a story about life and, ultimately, death. But in a positive, uplifting sort of way.


‘Proving you can make a stand-up show about literally anything if the performer is skilled enough.’

This is the real story of Lou’s experiences with baby loss. Not the obvious remit for comedy granted, but it was her intention to try to lift the taboo. Following a critically acclaimed season at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017, comedian Lou Conran is proud to present her ground-breaking show.

Pricing and availability

Tue 29 May 8.30pm
£12.00 Book now
Wed 30 May 8.30pm
£12.00 Last few
£12 £12

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