Winner: Genius Award, Skinny Fringe
Nominee: Best Newcomer, Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Best Late Night Shows of the Fringe, List

Superstar disc jokey Juan Vesuvius brings his turntables to London to deliver the greatest and strangest DJ set you’ve ever experienced.

Explore the heady days of early 90s house music with a bona fide musical legend. But why does he need so much towelling? And what really happened between him and David Guetta? Vesuvius is an eruption that cannot be plugged. Just ask the bees.

‘Doctor Brown, the Mighty Boosh & Sacha Baron Cohen in one man.’ The National

Contains male nudity.

Pricing and availability

Thu 18 Jan 10.30pm
£12.00 Last few
Fri 19 Jan 10.30pm
£12.00 Last few
Sat 20 Jan 10.30pm
£12.00 Book now
£12 £12

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