Money. Cash. Dollar. Cheddar. Dough. Skrilla. Call it what you like (and people clearly have) I don't have any of it.

Hello, my name is Daniel Cook and I’m broke, so I decided to write a stand up comedy show about it because I enjoy people laughing at my sad life.

To try and rectify the car crash that is my existence I’m going to try and win £250,000 during the show. EXCITING.

As seen and heard on BBC 1, Channel 4, Radio 4 and Radio 2.

Pricing and availability

Mon 23 Apr 8.45pm
£12.00 Book now
Tue 24 Apr 8.45pm
£12.00 Book now
Wed 25 Apr 8.45pm
£12.00 Book now
£12 £12

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