Mythologist Martin Shaw sits at the very edge of the fire. Here a woman arises from a mare’s tale plant with red beads falling from her mouth as she speaks, and a king’s son tied to the top of the tallest pine tree, is slowly becoming a crow.

Down below the forest path splits into two. One path is that of the sable. The other path is that of the bear. One is good. One is very bad. Which one will you choose?

Enter a night of epic transformations.


“An outrageous piece of magic.”
David Abram


MARTIN SHAW is a storyteller, writer and mythologist. Author of the award winning Mythteller trilogy, he created the oral tradition and living myth programmes at Stanford University and leads (with Dr. Carla Stang), the M.A. in myth and ecology at Schumacher college. His new book of Lorca translations, “Courting the Dawn: Poems of Lorca” will be released in 2018 by White Cloud Press.


Martin Shaw artist photograph

Martin Shaw

Writer / Performer

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