Andy Zaltzman brings'Satirist For Hire back to Soho Theatre for a pre-Brexday residency of his uniquely interactive satirical stand-up show.

As Britain prepares for its rescheduled Brexition on 12 April, Andy will take satirical commissions from audience members, in advance of the show by email, and on the night, on the issue of Brexit, as well as all directly and tangentially related sub-topics, and deliver freshly-minted, individually-tailored comedic responses.

Andy will address any queries, complaints and general gripes about any aspect of Brexit – past, present or future; political, social, or intensely personal; facts, lies or blurry half-truths; Leave, Remain, or Both-And-Neither-In-Nor-Out Pseudocompromise. Of course, by 12 April Brexit may have been (a) delayed, (b) involuntarily hibernated, (c) taken to a barn and humanely injected with a second referendum, or (d) brought forward and have proved a roaring success already. But The Show Must And Will Go On.

You are invited to email your satirico-query to, including the date of the show you’ll be attending, plus details of the aspect of Brexit you would like addressed. All issues considered (within reason).

Zaltzman is host of the global smash-hit topical podcast The Bugle, has appeared in sundry stuff on Radio 4, and has performed stand-up in all of the world’s most famous hemispheres.

This show will be performed in 3D, and be largely wireless.

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