Donald Trump and The Golden Shower. Harry Windsor takes Meghan Up The Aisle. Kim Kardashian and The Arse That Conquered The World.

In a world first, award-winning Artist Alison Jackson takes to the stage to reveal the behind-the-scenes secrets capturing the moments that the rich and famous (and Boris Johnson) hoped to keep firmly behind closed doors. Fake news or alternative facts? You decide.

Set to the backdrop of her photographs and videos, Jackson tells the story of how she created a hilarious fake reality about the 21st Century obsession with celebrity. She gives the inside track on how she shapes her shoots, crafting celebrity lookalikes to capture the sort of ‘private’ moments that we’ve all imagined, but never seen before.

And she also gives the opportunity for a member of the audience to be transformed into a star. Dead ringer for Meghan Markle? Donald Trump’s doppleganger? Constantly being mistaken for President Putin? Then come along and get a celebrity makeover live on stage after which you will be unleashed on the unsuspecting public. A live feedback to the theatre of the resulting fallout and fun will reveal all.

This timely and provocative show explores our own relationship with fake news and media’s power in shaping our perceptions.

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