Straight from headlining the Southbank River Stage (in June) ACM, lesser known as A Cinematic Masterpiece, are here to bust you into 2020 with a literal bang (as long as you’re consenting).

Known to all as unknown, known to few as ‘the best band I saw that time at the RCA in 2015’, ACM’s musical numbers are all about failing in the most glorious way possible. If Spinal Tap spoke to a generation ready to laugh at the ego of glam-rock superstars, then ACM are the hapless heroes for a less bombastic, more awake generation.

From Go Slow, a ballad about your vibrator running out of batteries, to Nannas On A Rampage (number 1 in less than 1 countries) — ACM are here to lift you out of your comfort zone (and your comedown) and drive you crotch first into the space, under the sea, off a cliff, via seven engorged alien vaginas. It’s gonna be gorj.

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