Who are the different labs for?

Stand up lab – is for complete beginners. Total newbies. Absolute rookies.

Sketch lab – for anyone who wants to give sketch a go.

Comedy Lab Plus – is for people who have been gigging on the circuit for a while, have done 30+ gigs.

Cabaret & Drag Lab – for newbies or anyone looking to develop their cabaret and drag skills.

Who are the course leaders?

Stand up lab – Sikisa Bostwick-Barnes

Sketch lab – Fran Bushe

Comedy Lab Plus – Lee Griffiths

Cabaret & Drag Lab – Leah Kirby (Cyro) and Len Gwyn (Len Blanco)

Is there an age limit?

All the labs are 18+ with no upper age limit.

How much do the labs cost?

Comedy Labs- Each 10 week programme costs £125, payment information is sent along with the course offer. We have a limited amount of full and half bursaries available for people on government benefits, which you can select on the application form.

Do I need to have any comedy, cabaret or acting experience?

For Comedy Lab Plus, yes. But for any others – absolutely not.

How do I apply?

Just head to the sub page of the lab your interested in and complete the application form.

When is the deadline & when will I hear if I have been successful?

Deadline is Sunday 12th December (10pm). We’ll aim to respond to everyone by Wednesday 22nd December, 6pm.

Will I receive a confirmation email?

Yes, once you have submitted your application through Typeform and you have reached the ‘thank you for taking the time to apply’ page, you should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. Sometimes these may end up in junk/spam, so do check there too.

I want to talk to someone on the phone about my application and access needs.  

Please email education@sohotheatre.com and we can arrange this.

How do I send a YouTube Link?

So, in the application form, we’ve indicated the three questions that help us learn a bit about you. You’re welcome to type these out but also, answer via video. If you’d like to go for the video option, simply film yourself answering the questions, stopping between each one. The idea is you have a separate video for each answer. Then upload this onto YouTube (there’s a ‘create’ or + button for web or the app, followed by an ‘upload video’ option. Be sure to set your privacy settings so only those with a link can watch the video and then copy and paste the link as your answer.

I am having trouble with the application form.

The application form works best from a computer, but you can also complete it on a smartphone or tablet. For the open questions, you can also submit your answer by video, by pasting the online video link in the answer box.

For other support regarding the application form, please email education@sohotheatre.com.

Here are the list of questions on the application, in case you’d like to see them in advance:

1-What is your name?

2-What email address can we contact you on?

3- What’s the best phone number to reach you on?

4- Soho Theatre is an equal opportunities organisation, and is using positive action to make sure that the people we work with are representative of our diverse community. Applicants who identify as being part of a underrepresented community can request an informal phone call to talk through their submitted application. People from underrepresented communities may include people who identify as disabled, LGBTQ+ or people of the Global Majority. For more information on our phone calls, please visit our FAQ web pages. Would you like to request a phone call? (multiple choice)

5- Which Lab(s) are you applying for? (multiple choice)

6- If you selected writers lab, please attach 1-2 pages of script sample here, as a Word or PDF doc.

7-What interests you about the course(s) you’re applying for? (300 words, for a text answer, or 3 minute Youtube video link)

8- Have you had any connection with Soho Theatre before? For instance, have you seen any of our shows, taken part in any other Labs or taster workshops, or applied to our labs before? (200 words, for a text answer, or 2 minute Youtube video link)

9- Have you been involved in creative writing/theatre/comedy/cabaret before? For instance, through studying, performing, or as a hobby? (200 words, for a text answer, or 2 minute Youtube video link)

10- Do you require a bursary in order to take part in the Lab(s) you are applying to? (Yes/No)

11- If yes, please let us know which bursaries you are eligible for. (multiple choice)

12- If you are requesting a bursary, please let us know a little bit about your circumstances.

As we are a charity, the following questions are to do with equal opportunities data which our funders request.

13- Do you live in London? (Yes/No)

14- If you live in London please let us know which borough you live in. (multiple choice)

15- If you don’t live in London, please let us know which town or City you live in.

16- How do you describe your gender? (multiple choice)

17- How do you describe your sexual orientation? (multiple choice)

18- What will your age be on 1 January 2022?

19- Please describe your ethnic origin. (multiple choice)

20- What was the occupation of the main/highest income earner in your household when you were 14? (multiple choice)

21- Do you consider yourself to be disabled?

22- If yes- please let us know how you describe yourself. (multiple choice)

Still have a question?

Drop us an email at education@sohotheatre.com

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