The event is taking place at the Rose Theatre in Edinburgh, not Soho Theatre.

Angus Gordon: Sad Boy Comedy Hour

A series of pauses that build tension towards a climax. Teetering between bleak anti-humor and punchy one-liners Angus Gordon balances whimsy and social critique. This show is the best of his stand-up, often focusing on the violent contradictions that constitute ordinary experience, and a series of little parables he wrote in a diary while going through depression. It’s funny!

Aaron Chen: The Infinite Faces of Chenny Baby

Two of the most naughty boys (Aaron Chen and Jon Lo) from Sydney, Australia are about to take London by storm with the award winning show, The Infinite Faces of Chenny Baby. This show is wacky silly and nonviolent. I don’t know what geezer means but they are welcome to the show as I know it’s a popular concept in the U.K. Also Lily Allen and Skepta please come to the show and Boris Johnson. (In Australia Boris means taking a shit. So his name is shit dick haha that’s not the type of humour in the show)

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