Comedy Lab Plus

Comedy Lab Plus

Saturdays (weekly),10-12.30pm

Age Range: 21+ (no upper age limit)

£125 *bursaries available

The quality of the teaching at the Soho Comedy labs has always been really high. A highlight of my experience is the contacts I have made both staff and peers.

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Application deadline Sunday 17 Dec, 6pm.
Next term runs 27 Jan-24 Mar with a performance on 7 Apr.

Already performing comedy but want to develop your skills further? Need some industry advice and masterclasses?

Working alongside a professional comedian with guest artists popping in over the course, this programme is designed to help gigging comedy artists improve their craft in a safe environment. Want to know more about getting your work on, getting signed, promoting your work, improving your performance and honing your style, look no further.

Previous guests include:
Adam Riches, Bec Hill, John Kearns, Lou Sanders, Nancy Wallinger, Rachel Parris, Richard Gadd, Sam Simmons and Desiree Burch

Comedy Lab Plus runs as a 10 week course, leading to a public sharing at the end of the term. We ask that participants commit to attending all 10 weeks.

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