We are looking for unique and unheard voices – from all backgrounds, attitudes and places.

There are no thematic, political or philosophical constraints and though we love to produce a writers’ first play, we have no objection to your second, third or fiftieth.

We are looking for work that:

• Can move people to laugh, cry, argue, protest, celebrate and act
• Resonates in the world today
• Is inherently theatrical and live
• Is risk-taking, brave and visionary

We only accept submissions via email. Please send your script as a PDF or Word attachment to
Your play will go directly to our Artistic team.

We consider every submission for production or for further development opportunities. Although there are a limited number of slots on our stages, we engage with writers throughout the year through workshops, readings, notes sessions and other opportunities.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to respond directly to every submission. Therefore, we will only be in contact if we are interested and able to take things forward with you.

We sincerely thank you for sending us your work and we wish you the very best.