Under the Eyes of Baron Samedi

The Crick Crack Club presents

Under the Eyes of Baron Samedi

  • By by Jan Blake, music by Silver Sepp
  • Mon 13 Nov 2017, 8pm
  • £10 (£8)

‘One of the world’s greatest storytellers.’
André Naffis-Sahely


performance storytelling by Jan Blake, music by Silver Sepp

Sly humour, rum, good food, poverty, gods, animalistic transformation, and down-right voudon

Storytelling queen Jan Blake, and eclectic troubadour and player of fantasy instruments Silver Sepp, journey through the unpredictable, ambiguous & beguiling dream-scape of Haitian folktales, inspired by Diane Wolkstein’s seminal collection The Magic Orange Tree. This is the book that Ben Haggarty pressed into Jan Blake’s hands 30 years ago and told her that she was a storyteller…the rest is history.

This is storytelling to draw the stars down to the windows to listen….

JAN BLAKE: Powerful and bold, Jan Blake is the Queen of Afro-Caribbean Storytelling. An outstanding storyteller, she performs in theatres and festivals the length and breadth of Europe. Jan was born in Manchester to Jamaican parents. Inspired by recordings of ‘Miss Lou’ (Louise Bennett) she came to telling stories in 1986, and rapidly gained an international reputation for witty and exhilarating performances. Specialising in folktales from West Africa, North Africa, the Arab world and the Caribbean, her repertoire is full of tales of powerful women and her versions of Ananse’s exploits are definitive. In 2011 she was awarded the Thüringe Märchen Preis for devoting her life to this art form.

Age Recommendation: 18+

Running Time: Approx 120min incl. interval