The Gossip

Writer’s Avenue Theatre Company

The Gossip

  • Monday 25 November, 5pm & 7.30pm
  • Mon 25 Nov £12 (£8)

Short plays based on true stories submitted by the public.

The Gossip is a new writing event that showcases talented and exciting actors and writers. The plays are based on real stories about the ‘The Entertainment Industry’ specifically Theatre, TV and Film.

We’re not one to spread gossip but…

Save the Date by Sam Benjamin
In crisis as broke actor, Jason, tries to prepare for his first date in over a year, he enlists the last minute help of his friend Sophie, not realising that she is hopelessly in love with him.

Lady McB In Da House by Annie Power
Kate is a struggling actress desperate for her big break. At an audition for the role of Lady Macbeth in a modern reimagining of the Scottish play, she’ll do anything to secure the part… even rap.

Blacklisted by Lynette Linton
At the airport rising star, Jay, can’t wait to be reunited with his girlfriend, Sandie … but an accidental text to his famous and unbalanced ex-girlfriend, Tia, makes him wish he hadn’t landed.

The Vibe by Aren Devlin
Lloyd is a British actor based in LA. Hollywood hikes, kale smoothies and a new nose…boy is he going all out to make it BIG! But when a dream casting comes his way, it will be at a price which no class, workshop or book could prepare him for…

The Nanny by Jo Burke
Natalie soon realises she has made a grave error by rushing into a rather inexplicably well paid nanny position for an actress.