The Comedy Project 2017

The Comedy Project 2017

  • Mons 6, 13, 20 Mar, 7:15pm & 27 Mar 2017, 7pm
  • £10

The Comedy Project returns to Soho Theatre to present its 2017 season of new comedy writing on four consecutive Monday evenings.

The Comedy Project offers audiences the unique chance to see new work from well-established writers performed alongside material from the best in up-and-coming comedy talent. Two pieces are presented each night with the content ranging from off-book sitcom pilots to on-book radio episodes, from stand-up shows to sketches and short films.

Mon 6 Mar

by William Andrews
The story of two authors and the letters they write to one another. Two very different people whose careers couldn’t be further apart but whose friendship keeps them close.

Shenoah Allen
William Andrews
Tom Golding
Yasmine Akram

by Eleanor Morton

Siblings Steven and Emma must navigate the world of adulthood, sexuality, rivalry, and their weird Scottish parents.

Eleanor Morton
Joe Sutherland
Stephen Carlin
Kate Russell-Smith
Lucy Pearman
Joz Norris

Mon 13 Mar

by Rosalind Adler
Life on our planet is over, so in Heaven it’s Judgment Day for the 100 billion-plus people who’ve ever walked the Earth. Where to begin? And who will run the trials?

Edward Aczel
Rosalind Adler
Desirée Burch
Jacob Edwards
Richard Heap
Crispin Letts
Joz Norris
Kate O’Rourke

Director: Kirsty Bennett

by Sian Goff
directed by Charlie Hanson
Sally is enjoying a post-separation second adolescence while Sophie, her twenty-something daughter, is struggling to cope with her parents’ split and the responsibilities of ‘Adulting.’ The two women find themselves fatefully juxtaposed whilst trying to coexist under the same roof.

Caroline Langrishe
Georgia Maguire
Abram Rooney
Siân Goff
Mark Weinman
Jonny Phillips
Kim Benson
Alexander Arnold

Mon 20 Mar

by Pippa Evans, Ruth Bratt and Lucy Porter
The beginnings of a show about South London’s first girl gang – who had a penchant for fur, diamonds and good elocution.

Ruth Bratt
Pippa Evans
Lucy Porter

by Toby Williams

Talented graduate and all round good egg Michael Hock is in a tight spot with his landlord and takes the first job he can get – assistant to a Private Investigator. But the world of a real PI is far removed from what Michael, or anyone else, would imagine and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why nobody else wanted the job. ‘ThePI’s Apprentice’ is based on the experiences of writer Toby Williams who worked as a Private Investigator in his 20s.


Toby Williams
Tom Rosenthal
Louisa Connolly-Burnham
Nathaniel Tapley

Mon 27 Mar


by Evelyn Mok

25-year-old PHD-student Evie is apathetic in the dating department. Guided by her fearless best friend Sue and screwball brother Bobby, she sets out on a yes-man year of sexscapades to turn it around and get laid.


By Lilah Vandenburgh

Banished to an unpopular “tech blog,” an old-school print journalist is forced
to work the night shift with an American hacker/conspiracy nut in a basement
computer lab containing a haunted portal to the Internet.

Running Time: 90 mins
Age Recommendation: 16+