The Comedy Project

Mike Leigh Associates present

The Comedy Project

  • Mondays 7, 14, 21 and 28 Apr, 8pm
  • £12.50 (£10)

The talented writing and performing team The Comedy Project return to the Soho Theatre to present their 2014 season of new comedy writing; whether you’re a punter or an industry insider, if you want to know which way comedy is going, this is for you.

The Comedy Project offers audiences the unique chance of seeing new work from well-established writers performed alongside material from the best in up-and-coming comedy talent.

This year we are delighted to welcome back a panel of comedy industry insiders, who will give feedback to the writers at the end of each evening.

Two to three pieces are presented each night – with the content ranging from ‘off-book’ sitcom pilots to ‘on-book’ radio plays; from stand-up shows to filmed sketches and short films…

Line up:

Mon 7th April:

Vets and Pets by Liz Garland and Stephanie Jory (TV Sitcom script)
Vets and Pets is a farcical sitcom based around the lives of three, female vets in the sleepy Dorset town of Shags.

Run Rabbit Run by Tania Edwards (short film script)
A black comedy about a teenage girl’s ill-fated quest for individuality.

Mopheads by Liam Woodman and Dan Cardwell (TV Sitcom script)
A script about a cleaning department at a local town hall.


Mon 14th April

Doggett & Ephgrave Project Stuff (stand up)
The comic duo push their oft-neglected third member (their projector) to the forefront, for some slideshow-based stand up. God forbid they have a power-cut.

Funk by Mark Stephenson (TV Sitcom script)
Nearing 30, Seb loses his girlfriend, home, job, everything. Laid low with nothing but a gaping void stretching about before him, it’s a story about a man battling with the last vestiges of his childish ego. Can he save his brother and can he find happiness?


Mon 21st April

The Grown Ups are Talking by Roisin Rae (radio script)
A radio comedy series that listens in to a group of grown-ups and the conversations they have when their kids are out of earshot.

New Bits by Steve Furst (monologues)
Comedy Actor Steve Furst (Little Britain, Matilda the Musical, Dick and Dom) showcases some new comic characters that he has been developing in his bedroom mirror.

Kidnapped by Luke McQueen (short film script)
Short film about what happens when a hostage is returned to his family after twenty five years, but was quite happy where he was…


Mon 28th April

Bob and Jim (radio sitcom script)
A read through of Bob and Jim’s new radio sitcom script.

Charity Starts At Home by Stuart Laws (TV Sitcom Script)
Sitcom about smart people doing stupid things in their attempts to run a successful charity from a spare room.

Profiles by Mark Restuccia, Paul F Taylor and Deb Shaw (TV Sitcom Script)
TV sitcom that charts the journey of Alex, who tries Internet dating with the sole intent to try and find his soul mate. However, over time, he discovers more and more choice in the murky world of the ever-growing London singles circuit.


For ages: 16+
Running time: approx 120 min, with interval