Tamasha Scratch Night: If They’re Laughing They’re Listening

Tamasha Theatre Company Presents

Tamasha Scratch Night: If They’re Laughing They’re Listening

  • Mon 12 Jun 2017, 7.30pm
  • £10 (£8)

Tamasha is one of the pioneers in British theatre of the ‘scratch night’ – a sneak peek of script-in-hand performances of exciting new short plays in development.

This evening features new work from four writers from Tamasha’s Developing Artist programme. The writers and pieces were selected after a call out for the best diverse new comedy writing talent. Here’s what they have in store:

Diversity Queen by Yasmeen Khan
Mehreen is the diversity queen for hire who runs the go to agency for helping ethnic minorities enter the arts. During her Diversity, Integration and Engagement (D.I.E) presentation we gain a no holds barred guide to the do’s and don’ts for getting ahead. A smart one-handed play on diversity.

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Elbows by Olu Alakija
What is it with guys thinking they can go around showing off their elbows in public? Let alone their shoulders and knees… Well that’s what Kay thinks as she, and her slightly unconvinced bestie Eva put the world to rights. You’ll never look at elbows the same way again.

Hobnobs and Hijabs by Yasmeen Khan
After Nazreen’s nephew secretly films her singing Kylie’s Spinning Around, she quickly becomes a viral sensation. When she’s approached by TV production company Dragon TV the future seems bright. But how real a Muslim must she become to see her name up in lights. A quirky monologue from one of this year’s Tamasha Playwrights

Pickled Mangos by Aisha Hassan
It’s the day of Amina’s sister’s wedding and her mother is manically making the final preparations. But what will her mother do when Amina unveils her big secret. And will they be able to stop Mrs Khan from spilling the beans to the whole neighbourhood!?

Rank by Anthony Khaseria
How should young mini cab driver Ash ask out one of his regular customers and girl of his dreams? He wasn’t planning on seeking advice from his old-school uncle Sanjeeb…but he might not have much choice in the matter. A wickedly witty two-hander.

Age Recommendation: 14+
Running Time: Approx 100mins