So Chilled

So Chilled

  • Mon 16 Jan & Mon 20 Feb, 8pm
  • £5

Curated by Mr Gee (host of Radio 4’s Bespoken Word and Rhyme and
Reason), Raymond Antrobus, Deanna Rodger, Simon Mole and
Kim-Leng Hills, Chill Pill is a laid-back club night where up-and-coming
poets share the stage with some of the finest Spoken Word acts in the
UK. Plus, we’ll be mixing it up with tightly spun tales inspired by today’s
headlines, the ever-popular Classics Corner and plenty of banter to boot.


  1. Stellar show.

    Said Jon Goode at 22:08pm on 16th Jan 2012

  2. An eye-opening experience. Everyone seemed to have a good time. I really enjoyed it.

    Said Kaori Maeda at 07:45am on 21st Feb 2012

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