Scottee: Party Piece

Scottee: Party Piece

  • Sat 29 September, 9.30pm
  • £10

Scottee makes his debut at Soho Theatre with his brand new show / knees up – Party Piece

You, the punter are invited to take centre stage and share with us your party piéce de résistance

Weather you’re a champion gurner, know how to cry milk, recite the periodic table in backslang, hula better than Grace Jones or just want to share your Cher impression (or enjoy watching any of the aforementioned) this is the show that welcomes you with socially awkward arms and cheap Cava – a show full of the things we show each other when drunk.

To ensure this doesn’t end in Scottee, alone with no friends onstage crying milk tears he has recruited some familiar faces to get you in the mood and show you they are equally ridiculous – tonights guests include Wonder Wooman and drag empresario Jonny Woo!

Holestar will be supplying naff music circa ’66 – ’96.
Dutch courage encouraged.