The Oxford School of Drama presents


  • Wed 2 - Sat 5 Sep, 7.15pm (matinees Thu 3 & Sat 5 Sep 2.30pm)
  • £15 (£10)

Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Bleed.

As austerity bites and budgets wither, a cleaner is laid off at the Treasury. What they don’t know, in that room, at that time, is that they have just sparked a chain of events that will lead the country into a spiral no one can arrest. As tensions blister and families crack apart there only remains one question: Will the government stand, or is this the dawn of the revolution?

Writer: Gareth Jandrell
Director: Hal Chambers
Designer: Alex Berry
Composer: Tom Recknell
Lighting Designer: Tom White
Production Manager: Mishi Bekesi

*Please note this performance contains strobe lighting. *