On Common Ground – The Life & Times Of John Clare

The Crick Crack Club Presents

On Common Ground – The Life & Times Of John Clare

  • Mon 2 Dec, 8pm
  • £9 (£7)

Performance Storytelling By Hugh Lupton

The landscape holds the memory of everyone who has ever trodden it… all we have to do is listen.

Master wordsmith Hugh Lupton puts his ear to the ground to tell the story of mad poet John Clare – tormented by romance laid barren by class, and the loss of freedom to walk ancient pathways as, with the enclosure acts of the 1800s, land was seized and divided.

Poetic, political and seditious this performance explores the porous boundaries between language and place, love and lunacy, home and exile,

*‘Welcome nourishment for those who think for themselves” Verity Sharpe, Late Junction

‘Sheer wizardry in the guise of utter simplicity… wonderfully evocative.’ Eastern Daily Press